Nautilus Scuba Centre

Address: 58 High St. Toowong QLD 4006
Phone: 07 3870 0800

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At Nautilus, we guarantee our specifically designed, unique Beginner Diver Program will give you an exhilarating and enjoyable diving experience, providing a sense of personal achievement. As we are the Learn to Dive specialists, you will be among the best trained divers in Brisbane!

Imagine an organisation comprised of dynamic men and women with unique aquatic skills, a keen vision for the future of diving and an earnest desire to help others. Consider the work respect and for a moment, picture what it takes to earn the admiration of others and feel good about yourself. If you are seeking excitement from everyday life and opportunities for personal growth, diving is for you! How about the dream of working on a resort within the Great Barrier Reef or the South Pacific? We invite you to become a part of the Australian and overseas diving community with Nautilus Scuba Centre.

There's only one reason why the Nautilus team has dedicated over 20 years to developing the finest and safest training and retail dive facility in South East Queensland...that reason is you!

Their extensive diving knowledge and superior water skills only come from years of experience in the Australian and overseas diving industry. This experience is passed down to their staff who, trained in house, are only employed after showing above average ability in their unique Leadership Programs.

There are many scuba programs available today, but there is only one "Unique Beginner Diver Program"

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