Nicholson Museum

Address: Southern end of The Quadrangle University of Sydney NSW 2006
Phone: 02 9351 2812

Tags: museum, education, archaeology, antique

The Nicholson Museum, the largest collection of ancient artefacts in Australia, will celebrate its 150th year in 2010.

Sir Charles Nicholson, one of the founders of the University of Sydney, was dedicated to bringing the cultural traditions of England to Australia. In 1856 he travelled to Egypt and Europe where he purchased many artefacts. In 1860 these objects were moved from Nicholson’s house to three rooms in the Quadrangle. With this donation the Nicholson Museum was founded.

The collection of the Nicholson Museum has been expanded over the years through bequests, acquisitions and excavations, resulting in collections of artefacts from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Egypt, the Near and Middle East.

Today the Nicholson has become a favourite with children, excited at seeing a real mummy; with school students who gain direct contact with material of the ancient societies that fill their text books; with adults who are left in wonder at the richness of the ancient objects and enjoy being transported to different worlds without having to pack a bag or catch a plane.

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