Ninniku Jip

Address: 867 Albany Hwy Victoria Park WA 6100
Phone: 08 9355 1988

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Ninniku Jip opened in the suburb of Victoria Park, Perth Western Australia in May 2006.

The location is situated in the south of the main river close to the Perth CBD (approx 3km) and also to prime universities such as Curtin and Murdoch.

Since opening, the restaurant has grown into a highly successful and widely recognised facility in Perth amongst young families, gourmet travellers, the Asian community, overseas students and young professionals.

In essence Ninniku Jip is different. When a world is becoming more and more homogenous, Ninniku Jip decided to do things differently. Ninniku Jip is a Korean restaurant with a strong influence from Japan and western.

Dishes are put together to reflect ourselves as we have created arrays of eclectic dishes that are distinctively our own creation.

Also in that part of the world, there are no courses so dishes are brought out as soon as they are prepared and diners are to enjoy those different dishes as they arrive and share at the table. Ninniku Jip offers some very spicy dishes. We have graded them ourselves but your tolerance level to spice could differ to ours. We have dishes that vary from a bit hot to deadly hot. Perhaps you could try some of our challenging dishes and help us grade them better?

Apart from many original dishes, Ninniku Jip offers extremely large, unique and interesting beer, sake, soju and shochu. Including our own wine labels, we have some beer and sake drinks that are sold exclusively.

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