Address: 126-130 Roscoe St Bondi NSW 2026
Phone: 02 9365 1233

Tags: italian, kids menu, byo, outdoor dining, pizza

Pompei’s is the best pizza in Bondi. But it's more than that. Pompei's is a great restaurant. That's not to say the service is slick, but it is friendly. Even if your water glasses stay empty longer than might be ideal and the drink wait is painfully protracted, the pizzas and people make you forget it.

The Campari and sodas come in huge straight bar glasses and they're strong. None of this one-shot-per-glass (Campari isn't a full strength alcohol and shouldn't be treated like one). War, pestilence and famine aside, there are few things worse than an anaemic Campari before dinner and it's great to see these guys doing it right. There's a theme running here with the classic Italian aperitif - all the light shades at Pompei's are made from pre-mixed Campari and soda bottles (the only RTD worth drinking). Clustered together, they make a great feature of the front window.

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