Powell Hotel

Address: 202 Ballarat Rd Footscray VIC 3011
Phone: 9317 7007
Email: Powell.Hotel@alhgroup.com.au

Tags: beer, pool

Powell Hotel located at 202 Ballarat Rd Footscray 3011 VIC. The hotel is open everyday from 9 in the morning up until 5 in the morning. The hotel offers All Day Every Day Drink Specials.

During Tuesday & Wednesday, the hotel has free NPPL Texas Hold ‘em Poker which is a very social and is a great place to get together with your mates for a beer and some cards. Whether you're a first timer, amateur or 'pro' player, our tournaments give you the opportunity to learn and develop your Hold'em skills.

Every Thursday is Powell Hotel’s Trivia Night.

At Fridays, the hotel has free Pool during 6pm - 11pm plus $3.50 Pots. Come down to the Powell Hotel every Friday for Friday Night Football. At Saturdays is$4.50 Schooners starting 12pm to 6pm.

This is a great suburban hotel where the locals come for delicious grub at reasonable prices. The front bar has plenty of brews on tap and enough pool tables and sport on the big screens to keep everyone entertained.

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