Purple Gorilla Burger Sensations

Address: 803 Stanley St (Cnr Ipswich Rd) Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Phone: 1300 467 455
Email: enquiry@purplegorilla.com.au

Tags: burger, vegan, outside area, wheelchair access, take away, parking, vegetarian

Purple Gorilla is Brisbane’s latest food sensation featuring a mouth watering range of gourmet burger sensations.

For the last 10 years I dreamed of owning my own gourmet hamburger joint. I spent many a weekend using friends and family to sample, critique and simply enjoy my creations. Over the years, the menu was set, my enthusiasm and drive was charged yet a little thing called ‘start up capital’ was to be the only thing keeping the dream at bay. So finally after many years I am now the proud owner of the very first Purple Gorilla and finally my dream became reality.

So where did the “Purple” come from? My dream remained a ‘dormant’ dream for many years until I was introduced to the book ‘The Purple Cow’ by Seth Godin. It was after reading this book that my dream was inspired to get to work and the Gorilla was about to be born. The book talks about being remarkable and that standing out in a crowd with a sensational product will always out do any advertising or marketing campaign ever conceived. No one is going to notice you if you are a ‘black and white’ cow in a field of ‘black and white’ cows, but imagine if you could be purple, it would be like screaming at people to ‘look at me’ or ‘try me’ or ‘buy my sensational hamburger’.

Originally I had a different name for the business, but it was boring. Then after reading the ‘Purple Cow’ I decided to put this original name to the ‘Purple’ test. ‘Did it stand out’, ‘was there anything remarkable about it’. The answer was clearly NO, so into the rubbish it went, (but not before I spent money on securing the intellectual property).

I then figured what better way to always stay true to the ‘Purple’ philosophy then to put it into the name and create a brand around the concept. ‘Gorilla’ manifested from the word ‘Grill’, yet “Purple Grill” was rather boring, so to add some fun and to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously the ‘Purple Gorilla’ was born. Finally, by having a ludicrous name with some real meaning behind it, gave us the ideal launching pad to start our journey of having fun and creating our “Raving Fans”.

After trying one of my truly sensational burgers, I do believe you too will become a raving fan.

I look forward to seeing you at the Gorilla soon.

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