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Address: 13 Mahogany Road Munruben QLD QLD 4125
Phone: 0411 106 651

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Horses are highly trainable and with enough repetition can be taught almost anything. Training however can become extremely monotonous for horse and human and can quench the natural heart, desire and enthusiasm of the horse.

At Quantum Savvy, we spend the time to create rapport with our horses and build a communication together. We ensure that they always have options, that they are not forced to do anything and we make sure we look at things from their point of view. This builds incredible relationships between horse and human and makes life so much easier and safer around them.

As prey animals (animals preyed upon by predators) horses instinctively push or fight against pressure in order to find freedom and escape. As such they have learnt that comfort or release is the desired outcome. We see evidence of this daily with horses doing whatever is necessary to escape confinement or pressure of any kind (just think of horses that pull back for instance).

At Quantum Savvy we recognise that horses learn by when comfort is offered or by release and our whole programme of working with horses - Release Focus Training"! - is based upon this crucial principle.

The QS Program focuses on students learning when to release and having horses seeking comfort, the outcome of which is horses that are incredibly soft, subtle and willing and a horse/human connection that is founded on heart and desire.

There is any amount of advice and opinion around when it comes to horses, the key is to find the right advice/opinion for you that will work not just with one horse but any horse you deal with. For any knowledge to be useful and meaningful, it must provide consistent results, results that are repeatable and lasting.

The QS Program is a step-by-step system all laid out in easy to follow lessons that take you progressively toward your goal, one step at a time. And the great news is that having a repeatable program means that once you have the knowledge, you have it forever.

All aspects of horsemanship are covered in the QS program; from safe and effective handling on the ground - things like trailer loading, picking up feet and tying up – to saddling, mounting and rein positions, impulsion and confident forward movement, jumping, lead changes and more advanced maneuvers with flexion and collection. Quantum Savvy covers all elements of horsemanship training also, including colt starting (starting horses under saddle), foundation training, horses with difficulties and performance horses. Everything from weekend pleasure riders, to competitors and professionals.

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