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In the 1980s, a small number of electricity industry employees concerned that historical evidence illustrating the development and progression of the industry was in danger of being lost or destroyed, decided to form a Committee. The Historical Committee aimed to collect and preserve items of interest that represented changes and developments within the industry. Many large objects were stored at Tennyson Power Station, Brisbane. Windsor Sub-Station, also in Brisbane, became the repository for documents, photographs, maps, drawings, testing equipment, meters and domestic appliances. Many people in the industry appreciated the value of the work undertaken by the Honorary Curators of the Historical Committee.

In 1997, a Trust was established to formalize the arrangement. The main idea was to create a museum for the electricity supply industry in order to display, maintain and preserve an historical collection for the benefit of present and future generations. The corporations who contributed financially to ensure the success of the project were: SEQEB, now Energex, SWQEB, latterly South West Power, Wide Bay and Burnett Electricity Board, CAPELEC, Mackay Electricity Board, Far North Queensland Electricity Board, North Queensland Electricity Board and the transmission sector Powerlink Queensland.

Following the reorganisation of the electricity supply industry in July 1999, Energex, Powerlink Queensland and Ergon Energy comprised the Trust membership. The Trust gained Incorporation status on 22 December 1999 and is now known as Queensland Energy Museum Inc. (QEM).

Membership categories are Energy Organisation, Corporate, Community and General.

Enertrade and Stanwell Corporation joined as Corporate Members in 2002/2001 and we have numerous Community and General Members.

The new QEM is extending its historical role and objectives to include all forms of energy. Applications for sponsorship and funding for specific projects are actively pursued and new members are always welcome to join the exciting, alternative experience of a ‘museum without walls’.

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