Rifle Club Hotel

Address: 121 Victoria St Williamstown VIC 3016
Phone: 9397 6073
Email: Rifle.Club.Hotel@alhgroup.com.au

Tags: wine, beer, pool

Lay down your guns and reconnect with a friend, or a foe, at this Williamstown watering hole. Locals shoot the breeze or some pool over schooners of cold ale.

Rifle Club Hotel located at 121 Victoria St Williamstown 3016 VIC. The club hotel opens daily starting 9am up to 5am.

Rifle Club Hotel offers All Day Every Day Drink Specials. Starting Monday June 4 2012 till Sunday June 17 2012, Johnny Walker Gold, Black and Double Black are available all day every day. The hotel even offers “Drink Specials” which is $3 Pots & $4 Schooners between 1pm to 5pm every Saturday! And $10 Jugs every Thursday between 12pm to 12am. Rifle Club Hotel will be donating $200 each week into the prize pool of the Punter's Club and entry into the club is $5.

One can even become a member at the Rifle Club Hotel. Go only to the club hotel’s website and register.

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