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Address: Shop 20, 23 Norton St Leichhardt NSW 2040
Phone: 02 9572 9479

Tags: brazilian, churrasco, outdoor dining

In the early 1800's, European immigrants settled in the Rio Grande area of Brazil. Strong and skilful people, they nurtured the land and quickly became adept at raising and herding livestock. They became known as Gauchos (cowboys/ ranchers) - and inspired a traditional type of BBQ, called Churrasco (Shoo-rhas-co). The Gauchos would gather around wood fires and spit roast to perfection, large prime cuts of beef, lamb and pork, skewered on long swords. Using their work knives, they would then share slices and tell stories of their travels until the hot embers burnt out. Holding true to the age-old heritage and traditions of the Gauchos, our attentive, warm- hearted staff here at Rodizio go from table to table, diner to diner, offering the freshest cuts of - beef, chicken, lamb and chorizo sausage from our authentic wood fire Churrasco kitchen. "At Rodizio, we take quality, freshness and generosity of spirit to a whole new delicious level." - Chris Allchin (Rodizio Restaurateur)

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