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Address: 26B Compass Road Jandakot WA 6164
Phone: 04 28 400 024
Email: rolf@rolfair.com

Tags: aerobatics, scenic flight, from the air

We offer Scenic Flights, Aerobatic Flights and Charter and Aerial Photography services to the general public.

Whether you are looking for some excitement, or a great way to see the region from the air we can help.

We offer guided tours of WA as well as multi day excursions to some of the harder to get to locations.

One of the best ways to see this great state is from the air and the photos that you capture will say more than a thousand words.

You can choose from Scenic Flights that fly down the Swan River and over Fremantle and the City of Perth as well as Cottesloe, Scarborough, Claremont, Nedlands, Wembley, and Kings Park!

Fly over the beaches of Perth or look down on the Suburbs, your choice, your memories.

Experience the thrills of Looping the Loop, Spinning, Barrel Rolls, Aileron Rolls, Hammerhead Turns (Stall Turns), Cuban 8s, Immelman Turns.

Aerobatics look graceful from the ground, but when you fly or ride through the maneuvers, you experience positive and negative Gs—multiples of the force of gravity. If you’ve ridden a roller-coaster or been pressed back in your seat during a rapid acceleration in a car, you’ve experienced Gs, albeit relatively mild, mostly positive Gs.

During a typical aerobatic ride, you’ll experience a maximum of 3–5 positive Gs and a minimum of about –1G.

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