Sugar Fix

Address: Sydney Central Plaza, George Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9222 1491

Tags: candies

Sugar Fix stores offer consumers famous brands of chocolates, sweets & candies from around the world in a colourful, fun filled, modern environment. The customer experience is differentiated not only by the unique product mix but a total brand experience with modern, smartly dressed staff and purposely designed images and store layout.

Sugar Fix carries around 14 categories of internationally branded confectionary lines such as Chocolate Bars, Sweets & Candy, Jelly Belly, Retro & Traditional, Sugar Free Lollies and more. Sugar Fix?s product range is made up of the ā€˛best of breed? and ā€˛famous brand? products in each category, such as Hersheys Kisses, Dr Pepper Cola, Fry?s Chocolate Cream Bars, Tex Bars and so on.

Most of which are unique and not widely available to Australian consumers. The range features more than 500 lines hand-picked from around the world including crisps, gummies, mints, liquorice and toffees. This has evolved over time from customer feedback and sales trends. Sugar Fix carries a large range of chocolate bars and favourite sweets from Britain, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. The range is wide enough to provide customers choice, without becoming too large to effectively maintain service and logistic systems. Another key point-of-difference is the atmosphere of the stores. Sugar Fix retail outlets are modern, clean and visually striking.

The packaging is of a high quality and enhances the overall perception of the offering. The look, feel, music, displays and innovative merchandising concepts all work together collectively to support the Sugar Fix brand image. With freshness and taste being a competitive advantage Sugar Fix has a strong focus on the regular use of sampling to not only raise awareness of the quality of the products but to enhance the customer?s overall shopping experience. Stores are generous with tasting samples of all products. Products are essentially merchandised in two ways: ? Unwrapped products including wine gum, jellies, chocolate coated etc are packaged in Sugar Fix branded packages.

Wrapped famous brand product and novelty lines are self serve. In addition to basic packaging, there are various options of gift packaging. Popular gift lines are pre-packaged, while self-serve and other lines can be gift packed on request.

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