Sushi Choo

Address: Ivy, 320-330 George St Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9240 3000

Tags: sushi train, sushi, japanese

Welcome to Ivy's sushi restaurant, where waving cats greet you and Astro Boy models stand in a row like shooting gallery ducks. Forget American Psycho or Wall Street - sushi just got cool again.

There are two giant sushi trains choo-chooing around the room hauling assorted plates of nigiri, sashimi and inside-out rolls with just about any fish you care to name (mackerel, garfish, salmon, tuna belly and bonito to name just a few) on the rails. There's also an excellent seaweed, pickled white radish and cucumber salad to be had. Hell, there's plenty to choo choo choose from. You're given a little ticket signifying which dish you're eating (each plate has a different pattern/colour indicative of price) which is then stamped off as you eat - it's a bit like the system you see at yum cha, only with fewer grumpy trolley dollies and more cutey-pie gal helpers and good lookin' men in jeans.

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