Sushi Kotobuki

Address: Shop 3, 53 Lytton Rd East Brisbane QLD 4169
Phone: 07 3392 2301

Tags: sushi, japanese, take away, parking

You might expect a restaurant called “Sushi Kotobuki” to be just like any other sushi place – that is, a place that only serves sushi. A fair assumption, but in the same way Top Noodle doesn’t specialise exclusively in noodles, Sushi Kotobuki’s menu extends beyond the expected fare of its namesake to include other Japanese favourites like donburi (rice based dishes), udon, takoyaki, tempura, and so on.

The rolls are abundant, creative and are priced reasonably. Do note that the sushi rice here is a little under al-dente, so if you do not like your rice to be somewhat 'hard' then better stick to their cooked donburis & noodles.

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