Sydney Park

Address: St Peters Sydney NSW 2015
Phone: 02 9246 7767

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Sydney Park extends over 40 rolling hectares of open parkland providing for a diverse range of passive and active recreation for the whole community.

The Alan Davidson Oval located in the northeastern corner of the park is a first class sports oval providing facilities for cricket and Australian Rules football. The pavilion contains public toilet facilities, change rooms and a number of community venue rooms available for hire.

Adjacent to the Oval, the publically accessible CARES (Community and Road Education Scheme) facility with its miniature network of roads replete with traffic signals and shaded forecourt is a popular resource for families and children to learn elementary bicycle riding skills and road craft. The CARES facility function rooms are available for hire to the community.

A large children’s playground, opened in 2008, provides an extensive area dedicated to children’s recreation with a diverse range of traditional and creative play equipment for children of all ages and all abilities including slides, swings, climbing apparatus and sand pits. The playground is landscaped with plants and infrastructure designed to stimulate the tactile, visual and olfactory senses whilst the wide rubber surfaced paths which meander between the play elements are wheel chair accessible and feature musical elements. The playground is easily accessed from the car park located off Barwon Park Road and accessible toilets are located nearby.

A series of wetlands and water courses run from the centre to the southeastern corner of the park providing habitat for native and visiting waterfowl. The elevated wooden decked viewing platforms located around many of the wetlands are a popular spot for bird watching, sunbathing or picnics. Accessible public toilets are located adjacent to Wetland number 5 located at the southeastern corner of the park. The AIDS memorial grove located behind the parks depot off Barwon Park Road is one of many native tree groves that provide further shelter and amenity for local wildlife. The park is a traditional host for community tree planting on International Tree Day.

The brick kilns precinct in the northwestern corner of the park provides profound visual clues to the site’s previous use as a municipal brick works. Following closure the brickworks’ extensive clay pits were filled with municipal waste from 1948 to 1976, when the site was known as St Peter’s tip. Following closure of the tip, a layer of soil and building rubble was placed over the site to create a new regional park with a series of visually prominent hills affording panoramic views of the distant city skyline and Sydney Airport.

Built on a huge section of waste ground behind what was once Sydney’s largest brick kilns – of which the chimneys and ovens still remain – Sydney Park is the perfect dog utopia.

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