The Happy Herb Shop Northbridge

Address: 55 Aberdeen St Northbridge WA 6000
Phone: 08 922 82 991

Tags: happy herbs

The Happy Herb Shop Northbridge is only the second WA shop!

The Happy Herb Shop promotes wholistic, healthy lifestyle, naturally. We believe that a healthy body, mind and spirit = a happy, harmonious, healthy human.

Before pharmaceuticals ever existed, man and woman used plant medicine, and this knowledge was passed down through generations. Food was rich in nutrients, pesticide and GM free.

At The Happy Herb Shop we are passionate about plants. We offer a diverse range of information resources and are a networking hub for the local community.

In our shops you can find herbs for health, well-being, horniness, smoking, relaxation, and fun. Unlike our online catalogue, our shops also stock our exclusive range of extreme party highs, to get you tingling, laughing and dancing all night long. So come in and chat to one of our friendly, passionate and informative herbies in a shop today!

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