The Lane Bookshop

Address: 52c Old Theatre Lane Claremont WA 6010
Phone: 08 9384 4423

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For many people, The Lane is not only a favourite bookshop, it is a favourite place to be. And it is a place for being rather than doing. In a busy, compulsive world The Lane provides a refuge for the mind. Here, thought and creativity are recognized as friends. It strikes one that between the staff and those that come into the bookshop, there is a sustained and intelligent conversation about the amazing landscape of the imagination that is literature.

A chain of bookshops claimed that 'We take the mystery out of buying books' It is precisely because The Lane restores, nurtures and celebrates this mystery that one is drawn back in through the doorway, down the steps, into its elegant and welcoming world of ideas. One knows when one is back, that one is with people who, with clarity and passion, quite simply love the written word."

Australian book clubs are still growing at a terrific rate to the continuing mystification of book publishers in the eastern states (of Australia). They have had to acknowledge WA's strong leadership in this area. Keep it up!

Discussion groups are a great way to socialise to a constructive end. Sometimes, group leaders for the month feel fairly daunted at the prospect of choosing a book to accommodate the group. Don't be! Come in and talk to members of our senior staff who are always happy to provide reviews and chat about your current choice.

Give yourself plenty of time to make your decision: multiple copies of current books are readily available and alternative choices can be ordered in (from eastern Australia) within two weeks. We give book clubs taking multiple copies a 10% discount and will take unwanted copies back.

We have provided below suggestions for starting a book club, a selection of popular choices, and a book club message board to make suggestions, discuss books or advertise for new members or advertise your desire to join a group.

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