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The Sydney Art Store

Address: 940 Bourke St Waterloo NSW 2017
Phone: 02 9699 2162
Email: mail@thesydneyartstore.com.au

Tags: art supplies, gallery, fine arts supplies

The Sydney Art Store is the leading art supply store in Sydney that carries the finest art supplies both for novices and professional artists. It is owned and managed by artist Alesandro Ljubicic. He started this store because as an artist he feels the need for the best art supplies to create the finest artwork that he can produce. He also believes that using the best and finest quality materials will give him a pleasurable work experience. With this in mind, Alesandro began to search Australia and other countries as well for the best suppliers that he could find. He wanted to carry materials with best quality and make it available to his Sydney store.

The store carries acrylics and oil paints from France, superior quality handmade paints from New York

And of course, the best watercolours and pastel colours from Germany. Brands that he carry include Schmincke, Senneiler, Golden, Williamsburg Handmade oils and many others.

When it comes to painting and colouring tools and surfaces, The Sydney Art Store supplies a huge selection of the finest brushes that you can find in from New York, Princeton Range; gorgeous handmade rag papers imported from India & France are also available; the best quality easels from Italy; and the finest artist linen from France, Italy and Belgium are also available. Their canvases are also imported and they use their own quality cotton rolls from India.

The Sydney Art Store ships Australia-wide within 24 hours upon order, so please contact our store (Mondays-Saturdays) to check supply availability.

The Finest Art Supplies Are Now Available in our Art Store here in Sydney and online Australia wide.

As an Artist and owner of The Sydney Art Store It's no secret that i am wanting the finest art supplies which helps to produce the finest artwork, and at The Sydney Art Store i know that working with the best also becomes a pleasurable experience. So with this in mind, i have searched the globe and Australian best suppliers to bring premium art materials back to my store here in Sydney.

These include oil paint and acrylics from France ; superior handmade paints from New York and the world's finest pastels and watercolours from Germany. Brands include Williamsburg Handmade oils, Schmincke, Golden, Senneiler and Liquitex just to name a few.

In terms of tools and surfaces, we supply a wide selection of the finest brushes from New York, Princeton Range; gorgeous handmade rag papers from India & France; sturdy easels from Italy; and artist linen from Italy, France and Belgium and with canvas we import our own finest quality cotton rolls from india.

We can ship Australia-wide within 24 hours, so please call our Store to check availability.

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