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The Vanguard

Address: 42 King St Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: 02 9557 7992

Tags: live music

Scouting for a place to hang out with your friends that offers a mature experience but is still young and hip? Then why not drag yourselves and step inside the time travels of The Vanguard.

The Vanguard is a place where good food meets with good entertainment. You soak up in the 1920’s aura from its interior right as you enter the venue. This place is the melting pot of demographics. You can find new friends that are out of your comfort zones. And while you’re at it, enjoy the food!

They serve a wide range of tapas dishes like their honey BBQ braised beef shoulder tortellini with mustard seed butter. They also offer pizzas and if you’re really hungry for a fill, you can order some entrees or mains and pair them with your desired sides. You could also end your experience with a decadent dessert. But then again, why stop there?

Your ears will starve for the music they give. Tunes of both local and international hits can make your feet tap or you can also enjoy live music from local bands, offering the best of what Newton and Sydney can give.

Going back in time of not only their rich history of service, the food will take your tongue on a journey as well. And if you still can’t get enough of that, you can also reserve them as your event’s venue. The ambiance is perfect for both intimate and formal occasions.

Surely, Vanguard can satisfy the hunger of your senses, as long as your 18 and above that is.

The Vanguard is an intimate, purpose built live music venue and restaurant that plays host to the greats of Australian and international music. With a 1920’s feel to the interior, the Vanguard’s friendly and unpretentious luxury has an ambience unlike any other. Our aim is to provide patrons with an elegant and stylish restaurant, which provides live entertainment, highlighting some of Newtown and Sydney’s most talented musicians.

Patrons feel like they have stepped back in time. The talented musicians of Sydney have the opportunity to entertain patrons in the best possible surroundings. A venue such as this will provides the people of Newtown with a special place to eat and drink. The menu includes an eclectic mix of Soul Food and modern Australian cooking.

The Vanguard is situated at 42 King Street, Newtown, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood where professors and students, the upwardly mobile and the down at heel, gay and straight, migrant and middle class, wealth and welfare, suits and spikes share a successful experiment in the new globalism.

Newtown is the impact point where the University of Sydney collides with the University of Life.

Newtown's energetic 24-hour street life attracts visitors to its eccentric speciality stores, intriguing antique and artisan showrooms, new and recycled clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, theatres and pubs.

Eating in Newtown offers a choice of more than 20 affordable ethnic cuisine types in 70 restaurants.

A life long interest in music, particularly blues and jazz, led to a trip to the USA to see where some of the music had its beginnings. New Orleans captured our imagination and planted an idea, which has been growing ever since.

New Orleans is vibrant and sensuous. The food is rich, music is everywhere, the historic district is beautiful and lived-in, and you would have to work very hard to not have a good time. Newtown, with its bohemian mix of people could easily be New Orleans little sister. Newtown is the perfect place for a New Orleans inspired live Jazz and Blues Restaurant. The venue is the Vanguard. The word ‘vanguard’ has long been associated with freethinking, intellectual, artistic and musical movements. Newtown is home to artists, musicians and intellectuals but it is also home to many families. It is diverse, exciting, growing, moving and totally alive. Newtown is ready for The Vanguard!

It has been a long and arduous journey, but, one well worth taking. In the few years that we have been working on the project we have hit some highs, had many disappointments and the stress has been immeasurable. Yet, the dream lived on. Everyone has advice – mostly useless. Everyone has an opinion – often uninvited. Everyone thinks that it’s a great idea – they are right!

All shows are 18+

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