Thebarton Theatre

Address: 112 Henley Beach Road SA 5031
Phone: 08 8443 5255

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The Thebarton Theatre was officially opened on Monday June 11 1928 by Mayor HS Hatwell Esq and at the time was considered the premier venue for concerts, films and theatre performances.

Known as the Thebarton Town Hall and Municipal offices the building was built by the Thebarton Council at a cost of £30,000.

The opening was a grand occasion with residents satisfied that this was a truly modern building with modern conveniences.

It was in fact elaborate and luxurious featuring seating for 2,000 people, a large stage, beautiful proscenium arch and indirect lighting.

The theatrical lighting installed in the theatre was regarded as an innovation with "all the colours of the rainbow thrown forth through the protruding cone and rosette ceiling."

The hall was fitted with 2,000 lights, with only around 200 visible the remainder used for dissolving and dimming effects.

As well as the state of the art lighting there was a full orchestra and a variety of seating arrangements and rooms for use.

A large Assembly Room was used for functions and dancing, the administrative building included offices and the Council Chambers as well as the Mayors and Mayoresses rooms.

Another room was set aside for the School for Mothers, a precursor to the Mothers and Babies Health Association.

The Dress Circle provided spacious seating with the front section boasting luxurious armchairs with room for two people. Ten boxes to the side of the Stalls were also fitted with armchairs to create Balcony seationg on each side of the auditorium.

Seating in the stalls was also designed for comfort with specially constructed chairs finished in gold leather.

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