Three Fish Seafood Grill

Address: Shop 3, 1 Ocean Grove Av Cronulla NSW 2230
Phone: 02 9523 4888

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The hands of Three Fish Seafood Grill’s parents, Maryanne and Chris Caroll, were able to create a casual and comfortable set-up. The adventure begins at Ocean Grove Avenue, just as you step into the realm of all that is seafood. This place is great for people, especially the youngsters, who just came in from bathing under the sun, in the beach or maybe just a simple day worth celebrating about. Good food with good wine, simplicity that speaks for itself. This is the only seafood grill on Cronulla, a rose among all thorns.

The food here is focused on only one variety of food that is seafood. Patrons thrive for their daily specialties on entrees and main courses. But then again they offer more options for something new to try like sand scallops from Hervey bay, which by the way are grilled inside the shell, how much fresher can it get? Desserts run from the classic pavlova of passion fruit and mango to a tatin of a banana tart served with vanilla ice cream. All food should have a voice, and here, they speak for themselves.

The wine list should not be taken literally. Despite only having a restricted range, reds and whites with six of each, the place made sure that each wine is carefully selected at an attractive price range, but for none wine drinkers, beers and other alcohols are on the list, all available by bottle or glass.

And if your birthday is just around the corner, then you should be a member of the VIP Club. Why? Because on your birthday, you get to eat for free, a perfect gift for a celebrant. And with that membership, you can also be invited to some exclusive events.


Owners Chris and Maryanne Carroll have created an informal and relaxed setting. The feeling is casual and unpretentious, the sort of place you can drop in after a day at the beach for a great piece of fish or some fresh shucked oysters and a glass of wine.

Fish is the focus here. Seriously good fish. We simply source the freshest produce daily and treat it with respect. We don’t fuss around with it too much, just let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Our winelist is short, well chosen and attractively priced. Just 6 reds and 6 whites, all available by the glass or by the bottle.

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