Twangcentral Guitars

Address: 55 Flinders Street SA 5000
Phone: 08 8231 9255 ?

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Twangcentral Guitars one of the few Guitar Stores that do the whole "9 yards" from beginner Acoustic and Electric guitars through to Martin, Gibson and Fender Custom Shop instruments. We also have a large back room we call "The Vault", where you can come and see a great range of Vintage Guitars and amps that range from affordable through to Investment Grade Collectors Guitars and Basses.

Twangcentral is operated by Terry O’Riley and Nick Cawthorne, two "old salts" that have extensive backgrounds in the industry as "pickers and purveyors". You’ll see some pictures in our profile that will give you a look at the lads.

We like to call this place "Adelaide's Home of Martin Guitars" because we have both specialised in this Iconic brand for over 30 years in the various places we have hung our hats, in fact there’s a good chance that if you have a Martin guitar you probably bought it from Terry or Nick! We usually have around 15 new Martins in stock plus a couple of used ones when we can get them. In the "Vault" we have 6 Vintage Martins at present, a 1951 D28 for example, you don’t see these come up very often. But it’s not just Martin we do, anything out of the USA is what we like to deal in. Rule No.1 when you buy a guitar! Buy an American Guitar, Rule No.2 when you buy a guitar! If you can’t afford an American Guitar, BUY an American Guitar!

We also BUY Vintage Guitars and Amps as well, if you have something that you want to sell, drag it in, we’ll talk it over and come up with something that’ll suit us both! Yes we will pay the BIG Dollars for the right stuff!

Call in, email, phone or carrier pigeon! See you there!

Remember, We Sell Keepers !!

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