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Address: Republic 2 Courtyard Palmer Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9331 0709
Email: eat@universalrestaurant.com

Tags: modern australian, outdoor dining, wheelchair access, special events

Want to go to a food pilgrimage in just one seating? Itching to dine and wine with food that takes your palate to a journey all around the world? Then why not have your journey at Universal, owned by world class chef, Christine Manfield.

The journey starts at Palmer Street, just between Liverpool and Burton Street, inside Darlinghurst. Inspired by the spices that Christine dearly loves, she made sure the interior reflects, with the help of Tina Engelen, a venerated designer of Sydney, which resulted to a place that welcomes its patrons by an ambiance which is both contemporary and warm.

After you settle on your seats, you can now take the culinary adventure. Meat and vegetarian dishes are served. From east to west, the menu is very wide-ranged. You can go to any country, China, Vietnam, India or just stay at homeland Australia. The desserts are exquisite. And if you have a hard time choosing the perfect wine to go with your drink, in Universal, the wine pairing is done for you because their menu is specially designed to come in pairs, a single dish will have its own wine. This goes for all dishes, a hassle free dining.

As you decide to end your journey, you could bring home a part of Universal. You can choose from different products like their chili jam, chardonnay vinegar, chermoula, extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar, all from the Spice Collection of Christine Manfield.

Bookings and reservations are also catered by Universal, either for private lunches or group bookings.

A Universal experience without leaving the country, now isn’t that a treat?

Our team aims to provide the ultimate UNIVERSAL experience with exceptional service to all our customers resulting in return patronage and advocacy.

We intend to make UNIVERSAL as broad based and user friendly as possible, to extend it to a wider cross section of people that reflects the dynamic location of the restaurant in Sydney's vibrant inner east.

UNIVERSAL has been nominated as one of the world’s 10 best new restaurants at the 2008 Food and Wine Awards in New York.

Christine Manfield, renowned chef, author, gastronomic traveller, food manufacturer, presenter and teacher returns to the Sydney dining scene after a 7 year absence since closing the highly acclaimed Paramount Restaurant in 2000, opening the award winning East @ West in London's Covent Garden in 2003 and working on various other global projects within her expansive portfolio.

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