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Vella Nero

Address: Shop 3, 259 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9268 0755
Email: info@vellanero.com.au

Tags: coffee

Fed up of going places to places just to find the perfect coffee and coffee products? Then why not start at Vella Nero at Clarence Street, Sydney. You’ll be surprised to know this is not just another coffee shop that sells coffee along with breakfast, lunch and sugar rushes.

The difference is the coffee. They recommend as a start, if you’re a green horn in coffee experience, their signature blend, the reason behind it will be obvious after just one sip. The coffee, according to them is designer blend coffee, which covers cappuccino, affogato, chai latte, espresso and many more. They also serve hot chocolate, of which the chocolate comes from Belgium plus, a range of loose leaf teas, like Punjabi chai, peppermint, English breakfast, etc. Fruit juices are also obtained from organic fruits only.

Breakfast and lunch are served here. And if you have that much needed sugar rush, you can indulge on some sweet treats like caramels or the triple chocolate brownies.

On their online shop, the E-Boutique, you can purchase coffee machines, for your work place or for home usage; coffee beans, which are 100% Arabica and are checked to be within their own highest standards; coffee equipment, like grinders and the likes. Gifts are also available here, presents which are very practical.

Aside from selling coffee, they also offer packages for offices or restaurants and cafes along with expert advices and trainings, along with your coffee machine.

Catering for Vella Nero is also accepted from catering to offices or on-site reservations or even functions.

Coffee never sounded this good.

VELLA NERO is a true specialist in coffee – a one stop shop for all things coffee.

VELLA NERO is the perfect place to be for your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch and afternoon break. Sit back in our relaxed modern cafe (with downstairs and mezzanine seating) or grab your order on-the-go.

Our coffee is prepared by expert baristas, using only freshly roasted VELLA NERO coffee beans at their peak. Each cup is ground-on-demand to really optimise the flavour extraction. We go the extra mile to ensure you get the best cup possible.

Vella Nero's coffee credentials are obvious the moment you walk in. They come in the form of 'Bella' who stands sentry at their Clarence Street headquarters - she's big, broad, strong-smelling, hard grinding and sparkling with lascivious intent... she's their on-premises roaster. From Bella's guts spring six Arabica-dominated blends but our pick is their award-winning, super-smooth, soft-punching Signature Blend.

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