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White Rabbit Collection

Address: 30 Balfour Street Chippendale NSW 2008
Phone: 02 8399 2867
Email: info@whiterabbitcollection.org

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In Sydney, some Chinese contemporary 21st-century artworks are showcased in a private museum called The White Rabbit Gallery. A knitting factory was renovated and renewed to be the site of the gallery in Chippendale which launched in August 2009. It is the only public art space in Sydney which is privately funded and one of the handfuls which doesn’t charge for admission in Sydney.

Couples Kerr and Judith Neilson established a nonprofitmaking organization which they called the Neilson Foundation and the gallery was one of its programs. The Gallery was created for the public to see a changing and wide selection of creations from the White Rabbit Collection. The White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson and she is also the gallery’s curator. A Beijing-based artist, Wang Zhiyuan acts as an adviser to the gallery.

The White Rabbit Collection shows works from artists like Bingyi, b. 1975; Ai Weiwei, b. 1957; Bu Hua, b. 1973; Chen Wenling, b. 1969; Cang Xin, b. 1967; Chili, b. 1981; Lin Tianmiao, b. 1961; Feng Yan, b. 1964; Shen Jiawei, b. 1948; Wang Zhiyuan, b. 1958and Shi Jindian, b. 1953. The collection showcases artists were born and reside in Taiwan, China or Tibet. Famous artists whose works are in the collection include Lin Jiunting from Taiwan and Gonkar Gyatso from Tibet.

Various works of art including ink paintings, oil paintings, drawings, photography, Flash video, pixel art, installation art and sculptures are being shown in the White Rabbit Collection.

A library, a screening room and a tea house in enclosed in the four levels of the White Rabbit Gallery. The library contains works of Chinese art and culture which is accessible by the public through appointment. The Gallery also hosts regular events in the community like a book or film club and also holds informal talks on different subjects about China and its culture.

The White Rabbit Gallery is a private museum of 21st-century Chinese contemporary art in Sydney, Australia.

The Gallery opened in August 2009 in a refurbished knitting factory in the inner-city suburb of Chippendale. It is one of a small handful of privately funded public art spaces in Australia, and the only such space in Sydney. There is no charge for admission.

The Gallery is an initiative of the Neilson Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation set up by Kerr Neilson and his wife Judith. The Gallery was established to show to the public a changing selection of works from the White Rabbit Collection.

The Collection is owned and curated by Judith Neilson, with advice from Wang Zhiyuan, an artist based in Beijing.

Artists represented in the White Rabbit Collection include: Ai Weiwei, b. 1957; Bingyi, b. 1975; Bu Hua, b. 1973 Cang Xin, b. 1967; Chen Wenling, b. 1969; Chili, b. 1981; Feng Yan, b. 1964; Lin Tianmiao, b. 1961; Shen Jiawei, b. 1948; Shi Jindian, b. 1953; and Wang Zhiyuan, b. 1958.

Most of the artists in the Collection were born and reside in China. Some were born in Taiwan, such as Lin Jiunting, or Tibet, such as Gonkar Gyatso.

Works in the White Rabbit Collection include drawings, oil paintings, ink paintings, Flash video, photography, pixel art, sculptures, and installation art.

The Collection in 2010 published The Big Bang: Contemporary Chinese art from the White Rabbit Collection, a survey of 75 artists and their works.

The White Rabbit Gallery extends over four floors and includes a tea house, a screening room and a library of works on Chinese art and culture. The library is open by appointment to members of the public. The Gallery hosts regular community events, including a film club, a book club, and informal talks on subjects connected with China and Chinese culture.

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