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Whiteman Park

Address: Park Entrance off Lord Street Perth WA 6068
Phone: 08 9209 6000 ?
Email: enquiries@whitemanpark.com

Tags: park, zoo, wildlife

Nearly half of Whiteman Park’s land is retained for the conservation of wildlife - essentially as a means to provide protected habitat for a wealth of plant and animal species native to the area.

During the 1930s and 1940s, sections of the southern and eastern areas of the land were cleared and used for grazing, but significant vegetation corridors have been retained.

Management of remaining tracts of natural bushland, in conjunction with the rehabilitation of degraded areas, is enriching the existing biodiversity values of the Park.

Over a period of thirty years, considerable environmental research has been undertaken into the wildlife and ecology of the Park. This ongoing research enables us to optimise the management of our wonderful natural environment to ensure its enjoyment for future generations.

The existing conservation area encompasses a range of diverse habitats, as the sands of the Swan Coastal Plain in the region support woodlands of marri, jarrah and banksia, extensive heathlands, melaleuca wetlands and unique ephemeral damp lands.

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