Zafron on Brunswick

Address: 726 Brunswick St New Farm QLD 4005
Phone: 07 3358 2655

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Zafron on Brunswick was opened in May 2007 by Chef Fay (Farideh) Knopf. Chef Fay has worked in traditional Italian and French cuisine for over two decades and designed her restaurant with a Euro-style approach to her native Persian cuisine. To diversify the menu, Chef Fay also offers some traditional and modern dishes from around the Mediterranean, including Italian, French, Greek and Moroccan flavours.

?Chef Fay is assisted by her husband of 29 years, Michael Knopf. Michael is an award-winning composer and concert/jazz guitarist. Running the front-of-house Michael aims to compliment Fay’s efforts by providing an easy going and friendly atmosphere. Chef Fay often remarks that she wants her guests to feel like they are safe at home, with a lovely meal provided by family.

?Zafron has a simple and unpretentious ambience to provide a comfortable social space that features quality and taste. It’s raison d’etre is how the cuisine tastes and presents. Only quality ingredients are used and no shortcuts are taken. Everything is hand-prepared fresh by Chef. Zafron has a reputation as a quality venue for large group bookings.

Chef’s Signature dish for Zafron is her Caspian Chicken. In this East-meets-West dish, Persian ingredients such as pomegranate molasses, pine nuts and Persian saffron contribute to a unique taste with a French-style design. The chicken tenderloins are marinated in Persian pomegranate molasses then pan seared, rolled in crushed roasted pine nuts, breadcrumbs and aromatic spices and baked. The tenderloins are then placed on wilted spinach and caramelised carrots, then dressed with a beautiful saffron white wine sauce and drizzled pomegranate molasses. Only one place on the planet has this dish and it is our most ordered item on the menu!

?Chef’s Tapas Shared Plates are unrivaled for taste and value. Each platter comes with 4 tapas for two persons with a lovely salad garnish. Each tapas and sauce is hand-made.

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