how to shape a garden border

The same is true in a flower bed. It was the skyline of my garden that improved so much with the addition of shrubs and other tall plants to give it changes in height. Within a border shapely perennials like Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ provide satisfying three-dimensional forms. I sometimes shape others with a bushy habit into globes or mounds. 【Get Price】

More garden border content: Best plants for a shady border; Plants for a north-facing border; Plants for an east-facing border; Plants for a south-facing border; Plants for a west-facing border; Find out how to select the most suitable border shapes and depths for your space below. 【Get Price】

Focus on shapes to add interest to garden borders (Image credit: Leigh Clapp) The shape of plants is just as important as flower colour and because it’s around for much longer (with woody plants all year round) shape helps to structure the planting. 【Get Price】

Create borders in your garden in six steps: Plan your border: Take into account how long each spot spends in the shade when planning your border. Sun-loving plants will not thrive if they are left in the shadows so keep this in mind when deciding where to place them. Perfect the shape: The shape of your border will depend on the size of your ... 【Get Price】

Curved garden shapes also look more natural and are much more pleasing to the eye than sharp edges and straight lines. How to Shape the Garden If possible extend the living space of your home by enlarging or adding hardscape areas such as a patio or deck. 【Get Price】