compare garden fencing vs pvc panel

Vinyl fencing typically comes in a kit of interlocking pieces. Short picket fences are easier to install than tall privacy fences. For the picket fences you usually just have to pound anchor pipes into the ground with a sledgehammer add the fence posts over the pipes and then fit together the rails and pickets. 【Get Price】

These days nearly any fencing style can be constructed in PVC ranging from ranch-style rails to New England pickets to tall solid-panel privacy fences. A point-by-point comparison between PVC and traditional wood will help you decide if PVC is the right option for your fence. 【Get Price】

However calling a vinyl fence a “PVC fence” isn’t accurate because vinyl fences contain much more than just PVC. At Future Outdoors we fabricate our vinyl with a combination of special materials that all work together to create a durable long-lasting fence . 【Get Price】

Vinyl fencing is made of PVC just like PVC pipes! Vinyl fencing is also very affordable to purchase and virtually maintenance free. If you don’t like spending time in the yard making repairs and inspecting your fence vinyl fencing is a great choice. Vinyl fencing is also flexible because it can be shaped into any dimension or customized ... 【Get Price】