refacing kitchen cabinets cost per linear foot

How much does cabinet refacing Cost? For a professional cabinet refacing company to reface a standard 15′ ft. x 15′ ft. kitchen (200 linear ft.) starts at around $2200-3000.00 for a basic laminate finish. For a mid-grade wood veneer finish you can expect to pay between $3500-4000.00. 【Get Price】

The average cost of kitchen cabinets is $160 and $380 per linear foot for stock or semi-custom styles with most homeowners spending between $3200 to $8500 for installation and materials. Fully custom kitchen cabinets cost $500 to $1200 per linear foot with most homeowners spending $12500 to $18100. 【Get Price】

The average cost for a cabinet refacing project is approximately $13000. This cost estimate includes materials certified and insured installers as well as project management. This estimate is based on 30 linear feet of cabinets (200 square foot kitchen). 【Get Price】

National average cabinet refacing costs are between $1000 and $9000 but most homeowners will have an average cost of $6500. While this is a wide price range your bathroom or kitchen cabinet refacing costs will largely depend on their total linear square feet — carpenters usually price cabinet projects by the linear foot. 【Get Price】

Average cost to apply kitchen cabinet refacing is about $6000 - $20000 (refacing 30 linear feet with wood veneer on raised panel doors with new hardware and accessories). Find here detailed information about cabinets refacing costs. 【Get Price】