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AmeraDeck decking wood is a Grade A decking material mostly known for its uncanny ability to resist fire. In fact it has a Class A- fire rating the highest rating it can receive for its fire resistance properties. 【Get Price】

Ameradeck decking works quite well in various climatic conditions. How durable is AmeraDeck decking? Solid decking made by Ameradeck weighs about 2.6 lbs for every lineal foot and AmeraDeck Lite roughly 2lbs for each lineal foot. Items from Ameradeck are "A" and Class "1" fire rated which is highest in the industry. 【Get Price】

When it comes to composite decking materials they all have a certain type of fire rating. The fire ratings span from A to C or either 1-3. Class A or Class 1 is the highest rating a composite decking material can receive while class C or Class 3 simply means that it is a lower fire rating. 【Get Price】

Most wood species are rated Class C for fire resistance but you can build safer with a Class A–rated composite decking like AmeraDeck made from PVC and wood fiber. Not all composite decking is created equal though—be sure to check fire ratings before you buy. $2.15 per lineal foot. AmeraDeck Chandler AZ; 877-788-1887. Wood-and-Glass Boards 【Get Price】