cheap easy to install flooring before drywall

When Installing Drywall Should It Rest on the Floor?. First-time remodelers often make the mistake of letting drywall rest on the floor while attaching it to the vertical wall studs with screws ... 【Get Price】

10.Take photos of the electrical and plumbing running along stud walls before the drywall goes up for future reference. Label the photos carefully. Label the photos carefully. Take measurements from the nearest corner and map all stud locations in a notebook that you can give to your clients. 【Get Price】

Sheetrock should be up second coat taped sanded and preferrably atleast primed if not painted prior to installing the floor tile. Let all the paint and primer splatters and globs of taping compound fall on the subfloor where they just have to be scraped up and call it good! 【Get Price】

Install drywall on the walls before installing floor covering. This recommendation does not apply to subfloor. Because. Protection: Both drywall work and floor installation create a mess but drywall’s mess far exceeds that of flooring. By putting in the drywall first you separate drywall and its dust from the flooring later on. 【Get Price】

After the drywall is on taped and painted it's time to install the finish flooring. Carpet vinyl tile or hardwood installs on top of the subfloor for a finished look. 【Get Price】

If time is of the essence it's quicker to hang the drywall and tape out the walls first. The general construction rule is to work from the top of the room downward. Construction's a messy job and if you install the flooring first you'll spend more time on the walls because you'll have to be more careful not to drip joint compound on a new floor. 【Get Price】