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Pool Deck Paint Vs Stain: What’s Best for Concrete Pool Decks? Posted by Mark Donaldson on January 3 2018 in Blog Uncategorized. Enhancing a pool deck doesn’t have to be something that involves the use of expensive materials and complicated work. 【Get Price】

Having an outdoor swimming pool area is quite an investment. It is surely one that should be kept in pristine condition at all times. Unfortunately concrete pool decks can be spoiled by dirt and stains. This can ruin the look of the overall pool area if not dealt with properly. 【Get Price】

Pool decks are more than just floors for walking on; they are visual hallmarks of your swimming pool. Many people want their decks to reflect their level or look of quality and the best way to ensure this is to paint them using the best pool deck paint . 【Get Price】

The stain for a concrete pool deck can consist of either acid or a solvent but the key ingredient will be a type of metallic salt that interacts with the ingredients in concrete to change the color. This creates a lifelong chemical bond which is why stained concrete pool decks maintain their color for so much longer than concrete spaces that ... 【Get Price】