catalog plastic materials in the construction finland

Borealis Polymers Oy manufactures chemicals and raw-materials for the plastic industry. In Finland Borealis has a cracker for production of olefins (ethylene propylene and butadiene) a phenol and aromatics plant two plants for polyethylene and one plant for polypropylene. 【Get Price】

35 00 00 - Waterway and Marine Construction: 433: 40 00 00 - Process Interconnections: 243: 41 00 00 - Material Processing and Handling Equipment: 705: 42 00 00 - Process Heating Cooling and Drying Equipment: 65: 43 00 00 - Process Gas and Liquid Handling Purification and Storage Equipment: 133: 44 00 00 - Pollution and Waste Control ... 【Get Price】

The Plastics Roadmap for Finland points out the first steps towards a new sustainable plastic economy. The Plastics Roadmap identifies measures used to reduce the harm caused by plastic waste and litter help consumers deliver plastics to waste management improve the efficiency of plastics recovery recycling and product design creating conditions for investments and innovations in the ... 【Get Price】 - the ultimate place to find Finnish plastics companies. Are you searching for a subcontractor or a skilled plastics company to create your product? This is where you can find the best possible partner for any project. Finnish education skill and knowledge is world class. 【Get Price】

The identification of plastics in buildings and sorting of plastic wastes at construction sites should also be improved. The recycling of agricultural and horticultural plastics also needs to be addressed and new bio-based and 100% biodegradable mulching materials should be developed and taken into use to substitute for plastics. 【Get Price】