landscape edging for easy mowing

The lawn edging keeps grass roots from creeping into the stone wall and the mulch provides a mowing track for lawn mower wheels. With taller types of grass you can mow right over the plastic border and cut the lawn edge cleanly. 【Get Price】

Installing landscape edging can be easy if you follow the directions. Hardscaping Bricks and Pavers Learn about hardscaping bricks and pavers and get info on options for design and materials as you plan your outdoor living space. 【Get Price】

A lawn mower must be able to overhang the edging a few inches for the blade to cut all the grass cleanly. Therefore edging should be low enough to allow the lawn mower to glide past easily. Edging that is too high may still be used but it excludes edging machines that create a clean knife edge to the turf. 【Get Price】

Lawn Edging Tips . Mowing strips don't have to be flush with the grass for easy cutting but they shouldn't be more than a couple of inches above the grass; 1/2 to 2 inches is ideal. When mowing a raised strip tilt the mower back and set one of the front wheels onto the strip then lift the matching rear wheel and set it on the strip. 【Get Price】