anti insect wood siding

Re: Potential insect problems with rainscreen siding details I have heard about this need for insect screens and think it is a honest concern. But I have also seen a lot of screens and the backsides of siding that is not rainscreen style have a lot of junk behind it. 【Get Price】

Log homes and log siding should be waterproofed and treated with insecticide to help repel wood-boring insects that take advantage of moisture and rot. Without follow-up treatments and routine maintenance these pests can wreak extensive cosmetic and structural damage. 【Get Price】

Another wood siding option is pressure-treated lumber. With softwoods like cedar pressure-treated wood siding panels are both rot and insect-resistant. Pressure-treated lumber is resistant due to the special treatment it receives rather than naturally. 【Get Price】

Pests mostly come from below so if your wood siding is flush against the ground there’s a greater chance for damage from moisture and the resulting insect infestations. If soil overgrowth or mulch have completely covered your foundation you’ll need to dig yourself out to avoid future problems. 【Get Price】

The pre-factory paints tend to last longer. Although higher-maintenance than plastic and vinyl siding it still requires less maintenance than wood siding. Wood siding. Wood shingles and clapboard are considered the most aesthetically pleasing materials for your siding. They are also going to be the costliest and require the most maintenance. 【Get Price】

Fiber-cement siding is one of the most innovative building materials that stop termites and other bugs in their tracks. The panels are made of a mixture that includes cellulose fibers sand and cement. It not only repels wood chomping insects but it also has a longer lifespan than some other siding options. Metals 【Get Price】

Wood siding is a popular option for home exteriors because of its timeless classic look. It’s enough to make homeowners feel secure and grounded in their own homes. Wood is also biodegradable so it’s one way to lead a green lifestyle. 【Get Price】