good recapeting of veranda floor

The easiest method to screed your concrete floor is to use 2×2 wooden screeds (or 3×3 4×4 if you need a thicker layer of screed). Therefore you have to lay the screeds on the floor every 3′ and you should use a spirit level to make sure they are perfectly aligned. 【Get Price】

One of the most popular materials used for patio flooring is wood. On the floor of a terrace wood looks classy and exudes a natural charm besides bringing warmth to the ambiance. Hardwood varieties are the best suited for terrace flooring but they require a wax or oil seal to protect them from the weather elements. 【Get Price】

Seal the floor. If you have minor damage to your wood subfloor from pets or spills it's a good idea to brush on some primer/sealer over these areas to seal in odors and protect your new carpet. For concrete floors you might consider a concrete sealer to protect the surface from moisture and wear. 【Get Price】

Browse the photos on Houzz to see how you can breathe life back into your verandah or build one onto your home with form and function in mind. You’ll find inspiration for Queenslander verandahs those with flat curved concave and gabled roofs as well as ideas for flooring and balustrades to suit all styles of homes big and small. 【Get Price】

How to Choose Carpet for a Concrete Floor. As you look at your plain concrete floor a number of different flooring choices might pass through your mind. Strategically placed rugs or a floor ... 【Get Price】