wood floor veneer thin substrates

Veneer is technically a thin layer of hardwood usually thinner than 1/8 of an inch. Typically veneer is bonded or glued with adhesive to a cheaper surface that is hidden below. A less expensive wood or particle board can often be found underneath. This practice allows furniture makers to design and build beautiful pieces at a lower cost. 【Get Price】

Veneer substrates come in different types of materials like plywood or particleboard MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or cheaper wood like poplar and pine. We also get a backer veneer which can be found on the reverse side of a veneered surface. This stabilizes the substrate upon which the veneer is stuck. 【Get Price】

The glues used to make hardboard sheets are sometimes thin and weak. This makes it difficult to get a durable bond between the top surface of the substrate and the veneer. I've been able to peel a veneer off a hardboard substrate and in doing so I also removed the top layer of the hardboard material. 【Get Price】

Learn the best substrate to use for your wood veneer project. Our website will be down for maintenance on Wednesday July 15th from 3am-12pm ET. ... 【Get Price】

You'll find more than 260000 355000 square feet of domestic and exotic veneer within our site and we're offering these great veneers by the sheet and in small affordable lots. From afzelia to zebrawood there's something here for everyone. We're also proud to offer some of the finest paper-backed and 2-ply wood veneer available. 【Get Price】