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A second story deck that is made of wood flooring includes gaps between planks and around the perimeter of the deck. Water seeps through these gaps onto the level below. To avoid this leaking problem you must install an under deck system. Systems are available in a variety of materials so that you can match it to your deck and home's style. 【Get Price】

We’re building a 12×12 deck over the grass in the backyard. And I don’t want to be – it’s only going to be about 18 to 22 inches off the ground – and I don’t want to be worrying with the grass underneath the deck about growing and everything. What can I do to stop that grass from continuing to grow underneath the deck? 【Get Price】

Instead of removing those concrete front steps save some time by building a wood deck over and around them. Advertisement A well designed front porch or deck is an inviting feature on most homes. 【Get Price】

Several commercial waterproof deck systems are available to create a dry space under a deck but Rune’stactic of adding a roof to a deck seems to be just as effective. And it’s inexpensive and easy to build using materials found at any home center. Here are the details in case you’d like to build your own building a deck with a roof version. 【Get Price】