composite rigid foam deck

This method is wrong because intervening layers of siding and possibly exterior rigid foam insulation mean that the lag screws cannot penetrate far enough into the rim joist. To attach the ledger board properly you first need to cut out all siding house wrap or tar paper and foam insulation so that the ledger board rests directly on the rim ... 【Get Price】

If the "art" of the process is correct the result is an inert non-nutritive highly stable polyiso rigid foam that has the highest thermal insulating values of any conventional foam insulation commercially available today. Polyiso foam is available in densities of 2 4 and 6 lbs/ft3. 【Get Price】

Fortress ® Apex PVC Decking's foam core is reinforced with bamboo making it 45% lighter than composite decking and easy to work with. It expands and contracts 25% less than other PVC decking providing a more consistent uniform board. Each board is also encapsulated in an acrylic polymer that delivers outstanding UV performance. 【Get Price】

Position the foam board between the rafters and push it upward until it fits snugly against the underside of the roof deck. The snugness of the foam itself should be sufficient to hold the strips ... 【Get Price】