how to make a table out of decking new zealand

Then lay out 5 - 6 rows of decking boards cut to length. Stagger the joins between your boards. Do not try and create a pattern with your joins. Ensure you keep at least 2 board gaps before joining boards on the same joist line. Create a 3mm gap in between your boards using a nail in between each board at the end of each row. 【Get Price】

Pine is the most common decking timber used in New Zealand and many builders will recommend it as it helps to keep costs down. 11. Opt for a little luxury. Composite decking is a sleek and attractive option but it comes with a hefty price tag. It is low-maintenance as no oiling or staining is required. 【Get Price】

slat decks the decking surface can be at the same level as the floor inside the building. Measure down from that point (by adding the thickness of the decking the bearers and the joists) to give the finished height of the piles to be installed. 3. Measure the width of the deck out from the building and mark the ground with spray paint to ... 【Get Price】

Prior to laying the decking it’s important to air season the timber. This is a crucial step to building a good deck. Most pressure treated timber in New Zealand is described as treated wet which means nothing happens to the wood after pressure treatment. It normally comes from a treatment facility and is stored outside at timber yards. 【Get Price】

Place spacers between the first and second decking board. Pre-drill with the 3mm drill bit and countersink. Use the 50mm decking screws to attach the decking to the frame. Repeat this process to attach the rest of the decking boards to make the seat of the garden bench. 【Get Price】

Any deck over 1.5-metre in height will require a building consent and a licensed builder to carry out the work. New Zealand’s big hardware stores offer DIY advice on building your own deck (plus you’ll probably get no shortage of advice from well-meaning mates). 【Get Price】

Plantation bamboo X-treme decking is an extremely strong solid high density bamboo decking plank made from compressed strand-woven bamboo. A special patented “thermo-density” heat treatment manufacturing process ensures that bamboo X-treme decking is suitable for the harsh New Zealand sun and environment. 【Get Price】