build wood deck with landscape timber

Wood doesn't bend or dip to conform to ground contours. To turn corners with wood edging you must fit the timbers together at an angle much like with baseboard trim inside your house. To make a 90-degree turn you can simply butt the square ends of timbers together but any other angle requires a miter cut; this is easy once you know how to ... 【Get Price】

Like many other home materials landscape timbers come in a variety of colors and materials. They are similar to wood planks in that many of them come in 4-foot or 8-foot lengths. However the primary difference is that landscape timbers are flat on the bottom and top. As you can imagine this makes landscape timbers ideal for building or stacking. 【Get Price】

Purchase your landscape timbers steel rod (rebar) and landscape spikes (giant nails). Landscape timbers come in 8' lengths so to make things easy with less cutting try a pad that's in dimensions of 8' or 12' such as 8' x 8' 8' x 12' or 12' x 12'. The above pad is 12' x 12'. 【Get Price】