how to clean a new cedar deck

If you inherited a real-wood deck that was pressure-washed by the previous owners I recommend sanding a very thin layer off the surface of the wood. This will bring back the new-cedar smell (especially on damp early mornings or rainy days) and solve most of the problems caused by pressure-washing the wood. 【Get Price】

Now that your deck is clean as new take a look around you. If wood handrails balusters even outdoor wooden furniture seem less than fresh mix up some more deck cleaning solution to safely ... 【Get Price】

A cleaner deck is a less slippery deck. By whisking away built-up crud in the fall you decrease your chances of falling accidents especially if you keep your cedar decking free of debris throughout the winter. Cleaning staining and sealing your deck will prevent pest infestations over the winter. 【Get Price】

If the stain remains repeat the soak and scrub. Once your deck is clean give it time to dry completely then apply a sealer to keep it looking good for another year. If your deck is brand-new you need to know how to stain a new deck so that it will continue to look clean and dirt-free for a while. Be sure to sand all rough areas and remove ... 【Get Price】

Even though cedar is naturally rot resistant constant moisture freezing and thawing wet and dry conditions will age the wood. So every spring and fall you should clean the deck and protect the deck surface. I have written and fairly thorough article on the various aspects of deck cleaning particularly cleaning wood decks. 【Get Price】

2. Clean Weathered Cedar Before Staining. If your cedar decking has been exposed to the elements for a longer period of time and has weathered a great deal then you should wash it before staining. Use a power washer or hose to thoroughly clean the surface of the deck. This will renew the decking color as well as allow the stain to be absorbed ... 【Get Price】