destiny don t pick me up the floor is lava

To get through The Floor is Lava you have to go above where you spawn at the Tower then go up the slanted wall near the Postmaster. You'll find an object in the middle of the catwalk going from left to right. Said object has the instructions: "Don't Pick Me Up." Ignore that and pick it up. Yes pick it up. 【Get Price】

Today I am showing you a fun destiny 2 secret: the destiny 2 Lava challenge aka the destiny 2 don't pick me up game! Watch the video to learn more about this destiny 2 dont pick me up secret and ... 【Get Price】

Destiny 2 includes a mini-game allowing players to take part in The Floor is Lava in video game form also offering a small quest and a buff as a reward. By Jasmine Henry Sep 08 2017 Share Share ... 【Get Price】

The Tower in Destiny 2 has a few fun Easter eggs to find like the giant Traveler ball and the The Floor is Lava Challenge.Successfully completing the Lava Challenge will make you glow blue and ... 【Get Price】

Destiny 2 Floor is Lava Challenge is one of the activities you can do (spoiler alert) in The Tower. Activating the challenge involves a little snooping around the area an picking up an item that you’d probably think you shouldn’t. 【Get Price】

It may seem like set decoration but approach the cells and you'll get a playful prompt: "Don't Pick Me Up." It's fair advice too since doing so will immediately turn all floors of the Tower into you guessed it lava. But that's what we've come to conquer so pick one up anyway and the red glow surrounding your Guardian will show you that ... 【Get Price】

After picking up the "Don't pick me up" item you've started the "Floor is Lava" jumping puzzle. Make it to the beam of light without touching the floor. Destiny 2 – The Floor is Lava Jumping Puzzle 【Get Price】