baluster molds for sale

We are manufacturers and inventors of molds for concrete molds such as balusters handrail molds molds for smooth or fluted columns. It took two years of thinking studying testing and finally designing a baluster worthy of the name. The main features of a concrete mold are essentially stiffness ease of demolding and an affordable price. 【Get Price】

This new Chateau Baluster design is slimmer and lighter than our regular baluster mold and includes the following features. Light weight- 35 lbs (10 lbs less than the regular baluster). The size of the base is tall enough to be cut at a diagonal angle to accommodate a common stair pitch (7/11 pitch angle). Slotted holes for easy hardware removal. 【Get Price】

Molds for baluster railings. Reusable forms for casting your own concrete or cement baluster railing systems. High quality baluster molds. Choose from three styles of balusters molds Classic and Chateau Styles are both 27 inches tall (36 to 37 inches with top and bottom rails and the taller Venetian Baluster which is 34 inches tall and 42 inches with top and bottom rails. 【Get Price】

Baluster Measurements: 37" Tall Finished- (With our top and bottom rails.) Railing Dimensions: Rail Mold (with rebar channel) 35 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 4" thick Cap: 36" long x 10 1/4" wide 2" thickness *For a smooth white finish we recommend using Portland Cement and white sand. 【Get Price】

Baluster Molds for Sale At a height of 28 inches and with the width of only 4.75 inches the baluster created by this mold doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is made of material most commonly used for self-releasing mold plastic which means no oiling required. 【Get Price】