should you tie into your neighbors fence

If you and your neighbor are on good terms and you both decide that you would like a fence to separate your properties the cost should be split equally. A more common scenario is that one neighbor decides to build a fence and expects the other neighbor to chip in a little since one side of the fence will run along the neighbor’s property. 【Get Price】

Don't let your neighbor install anything beyond their property line into yours. I am curious why was this fence of yours not installed on your property line? I had a simular situation when a neighbors contractor try to drill a hole in my concrete to set one of the metal poles and I stopped him. The neighbor got upset over it. 【Get Price】

You've stated her fence is at least six inches into her property. You've also stated that she has already denied your request. The law is not going to give you rights beyond your property line. It really doesn't matter whether her decision is reasonable or not. You would be taking a legal risk and you will lose if she should file suit against you. 【Get Price】

If your neighbor already has a fence you must ask whether you can connect your fence panels into the support post on your shared side. Once you notify your neighbors as a courtesy there are ... 【Get Price】

If you have a valid reason for wanting an extra high structure to block a nasty view or noisy street apply to your zoning board for a variance. Neighbors can comment on your request during the variance hearing. If your neighbors are damaging your fence take photos and try to work it out with them first. 【Get Price】

If you get along with your neighbors they'd prob allow you to tie into it. Also in our city you have to be a foot off of the property line to put a fence up and they are required to maintain both sides. If you mow your side you could bring that up as a point when it comes to allowing you to tie into it. 【Get Price】

The new neighbor said that he liked my fence and they were going to install the same type when they move in next week. He asked if he could tie into the fence along the property line that we share. I told him that it should be ok but I need a day or two to think about it. So my issues are: 【Get Price】