adding garden fence to fence

A garden fence installation offers a way to separate your garden from the rest of the backyard. When you choose a fence installation you have a number of ways to add a unique touch and flare to the garden design. Consider a collection of whimsical designs for the garden fence. 【Get Price】

I've seen 'plastic' picket style front fences and they look great. The fence of our front garden is metal - ie colourbond style. One spear at a certain level and the next spear a bout 3" below and so on. The top of the spear is decorated with a fleur de lys. (not sure of spelling). Much easier than continually maintaining a wooden fence. 【Get Price】

The fence is done and now I am in the process of cleaning out in front of it. There are some Alaskan Daisies that lived through the building process. I think some colorful potentilla bushes will add color and camouflage the fence. Hopefully in a year all will look normal and no one will think the fence is an addition. 【Get Price】

Decorative Garden Fence. Decorative garden fences are mainly used for adding beauty to backyard space or landscape. It gives extra character to a house’s outdoor space by either blending with the environment or acting as a focal feature for the garden. 【Get Price】