using pvc pipe for basement stair well handrail

Or you could just literally use copper pipe or galvanized pipe (though the expense would be more) and you could also use big rope here too. All in the deck rails cost only about $110! Pretty amazing for only a couple of hours of work and now my deck finally looks almost finished. 【Get Price】

Kee Klamp and Kee Lite pipe railing fittings are available in a multitude of sizes. For building pipe railing we recommend using size 7 or size 8 pipe and fittings. These sizes correspond to 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" size pipe respectively. Both of these sizes are suitable for building a pipe railing that will exceed OSHA and building code requirements. 【Get Price】

Decide how high you want your handrail. The standard height is anywhere between 30″-36″. Our old one was in the lower range so I raised the handrail to 36″ to match the height of the stair railing. Smooth the inside of the rail support. Use a grinding stone and dremel to smooth out the inside of the rail support if needed. 【Get Price】

Most useful tool on this job. If you like the video and want to contribute click here 【Get Price】

Our old farmhouse was built around 1900 – when people were apparently very skinny (our stairway is only 33″ wide) and short. The staircase is so narrow that it left us stumped for the last few years on how to add a handrail to bring it up to code and more recently to make sure neither of us took a tumble with the baby. Then I saw this photo on pinterest and was SO inspired: Since we live ... 【Get Price】

Either secure the concrete anchors with the hex wrench or use the wrench provided with the anchors. Step 3 - Attach the Posts. Attach the bottom post pipe to the bottom flange and secure it. Attach the top post but leave it loose. Measure the piece of pipe for your handrail against the posts to be sure of the size; mark it then cut it to fit. 【Get Price】