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Skinny Deck Gardening Bed for Growing Herbs Vegetables and Flowers Your small vegetable deck garden is enough to produce vegetables and herbs well if you manage the space properly. These skinny deck gardening beds here have tomatoes lettuces basil oregano dill chives and flowers like zinnia daisy and marigold. 【Get Price】

Sea vegetables; Important minerals. There are two types of minerals needed for health macro and micro (also known as trace) minerals. Both are vitally important – the macro minerals are named so simply because they are present and are needed in larger amounts in the body. The micro or trace minerals are needed in only very small amounts. 【Get Price】

Every day I hear something from the news or on social media talking about the benefits of fresh herbs and vegetables – even if it’s just that using them makes food taste better. But what if you don’t have the space for a big garden or a convenient farmer’s market? 【Get Price】

In cases like this try growing a vegetable garden on a deck. So many vegetables can be grown in large planters and having the garden so nearby makes this much easier to manage. Even in a small space you can grow lots of different vegetables and get a great harvest for your efforts. 【Get Price】

Of course many of our daily minerals come from food especially from plants. And many of the plants we think of as herbal remedies are in fact mineral-rich foods. Added bonus: since the minerals in these herbs are in the form of organic compounds they are easy for your body to assimilate. 1. Nettle 【Get Price】