fence on other people property over 20years

A fence was built by my neighbors 20 years ago. my plat or survey shows the property line extends 120 feet. this fence is approximately 40 feet of the 120 feet. I would like to extend the fence. Can t … read more 【Get Price】

We bought a house and later discovered that fence built by the previous owner was actually a couple of feet inside his own (now our) property. The neighbors have done landscaping etc. right up to the fence on their side. This situation apparently existed for over 20 years. 【Get Price】

If neighbor installs fence on your property over 20 years ago can he be forced to move it ? Neighbor installed fence partially on my property and stated fence people made a mistake in installation. We agreed that fence could stay until he sold property. 【Get Price】

Some people threw bottles and other objects including trash bags over the fence. Other people shook the fence. Federal law enforcement used a loudspeaker to tell people to stop. 【Get Price】

In some states it’s just a few years but other states require up to 20 years or more. During that time the person’s use of the property must meet several criteria: They must demonstrate actual possession by changing the land in some way – building a fence cutting trees mowing – as opposed to just walking on it. 【Get Price】

Having a fence appear on your property can make you angry and understandably so but don't make the mistake of ripping down or damaging that fence while the matter is up for debate. 【Get Price】